I'm looking for a miracle

But I can't see behind those tears

I know what they did

They took your innocence

You were trapped behind those doors

I know what they stole



But the truth beneath the lie's at stake

It's enough to sell your soul

You can't hide the numbing pain



Hearts cry, arms high

Will they ever reach as far as our fears?

Right here, all around

But eyes can't see when they look straight at the ground

God, I need a miracle



Even though you know you're safe

It's one thing to know but another to learn

That who you are is no longer a slave

Embrace your past and move forward with doubt

Ask all the questions that you're thinking aloud

I know who you are



But the truth beneath the lie's at stake

It's enough to sell your soul

The numbing pain can change your name



What's her name? I think I got it wrong

It took away and started all the fighting now

Until I knew, it didn't really change my thoughts


But when I saw the shape of the human heart

And how far away the deviation of hers was

That's when I knew something had to change right now


Then I saw him coming to her light

Knocking on her door just like all the other times

He thinks she's his and I don't wana know what's next


Pickup a gun and load a bullet in

This one's for him but I struggle with intent

I know I should pull the trigger but I can't just now


It's cause I know that evil will not win

Vengeance has a place but it's not in my own hands

I'll make a difference if you show me how to start here now